The Microbiome and your Diet

The Microbiome and your Diet

The microbiome has become a very important concept in the area of good health. It is based upon the latest medical research and the microbiome can be used to eliminate chronic inflammation, which is a major cause of cancer, osteoarthritis, immunity issues and heart disease among others.

It is truly a breakthrough in the area of personalized health. The microbiome equals all the microorganisms that lives in your G.I. tract and skin and can make up close to 20 million cells with DNA your own cells only compose about 10 to 20,000 with DNA.

Therefore the microbiome produces more raw material such as proteins, hormones and neuro transmitters then your own actual cells do and therefore are now considered more vital to your health.

Our program offers these personalized services:

  1. Treatment of leaky gut syndrome.

  2. A ketogenic intermittent fast diet modification period.

  3. A stool sample evaluation of your own microbiome.

  4. Food intolerance testing.

  5. Heavy metal testing.

  6. Nutritional and hormonal Laboratory evaluation.

  7. Meditation and exercise activity treatments.